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 Server Fixes - 29.06.2010

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PostSubject: Server Fixes - 29.06.2010   Mon Jun 28, 2010 11:36 pm

Server Fixes that we managed to do until now:

*Fixed spawns of objects,flags,vehicles,teleports,cannons and ships in Strand of the Ancients.SotA is now 100% Working!
*Fixed Vehicles immunities(they are immune to heal,stun,etc)
*Fixed some spells and talents that were bugged and didn't work 100% Blizzlike:
-Improved Concentration Aura,
-Aura Mastery,
-Eviscerate bonus damage,
-Holy Nova,
-Mind Sear,
-Shield of Righteousness,
-Life Bloom coefficient,
-Hymn of Hope,
-Divine Hymn.
*Many Instance improvements and fixes.
*Many Quest fixes.
*Implemet Essence of Wintergrasp buff to whoever's faction is controlling Wintergrasp.
*Honor coefficient improvements.

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Server Fixes - 29.06.2010
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